Alice in Borderland

Notre Dame Outward Bound Adventure Club is excited to announce the flagship event of 6th NAF, Alice In Borderland. Inspired by the series, this event is a survival-based game; the last one to remain wins the whole game show. For those who are familiar with playing cards, there are a total of 52 cards in a deck. But hold on a minute, this is obviously not a typical board game.
In this event, every card of the deck represents a game with a certain level and genre. A hearts game identifies as a game of betrayal, where you play with the participant's trust and a wrong move shall push you towards elimination. On the contrary, a clubs game represents teamwork. Want to survive here? Work as a team, connect everyone's wit and strength. A diamond game is a game of intelligence and probability. In order to clear this genre, one must think out of the box! Lastly, a game of spades is a game of ultimate physicality and strength. The numbers 2-10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace resemble the difficulty of the games. A number 2 card is the easiest level and games gradually get harder as we proceed through the ascending order of the power or the cards up until The Ace card which is the toughest game of that respective genre. So to put you guys clear, a jack-of-hearts game is the 4th toughest game of betrayal and trust. As a deck of cards holds a total of 52 cards, there can be 52 possible games, where every genre has 13 games of its own. We will randomly hold games out of these 52. We're thrilled to host the first ever series based multiple game show in Bangladesh and eager for your active participation as the first to experience it!
  • Category: Limited Slot (Solo)


Are you ready to try something new? Ready to get out there and win with your team? Then it's time for you to get introduced to Robbjack! Have you ever heard of the game “Robbjack”? It’s a classic outdoor game that can be played with a group of people and is perfect for getting everyone active and having fun.

What is Robbjack?
The core concept of the game is that there will be an object in the middle of the playing surface, such as a ball or a foam block. The game is played between two teams each consisting of 4 players. Every player of each team will be assigned a number from one to four without the opponents knowing. When one of those number is called out, the assigned player with that number from each team runs to the center of the playing area and tries to grab hold of the ball and bring it back to their team’s side without the ball being touched by the opposing player.If a player is successful in stealing the ball and making it back to their team’s side, they earn a point for their team. If the ball is tagged by the opponent, the other team earns the point. The game continues with different numbers being called out until a predetermined number of points is reached, or until a designated time limit is up.

In conclusion, the game offers a unique and engaging experience for players of all skill levels. The different levels and challenges presented in the game require players to think strategically and quickly adapt to changing circumstances, keeping them on their toes throughout the game.
Event type: This is a team event, where each team will consist of 4 members.
  1. Boys : (class 6-12)
  2. Girls : (class 6-12)
Prize Details:
  1. Crest and certificate of Excellence for the top 2 teams for each Category.
  2. All the participants will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Decision of the authority is final
  • Authority has the right to change any decision
  • Any argument with the judge or authority will lead to penalization.


As a sport, football needs no introduction. Futsal is just the mini version of football with slight tweaks and changes. It is more intense and fast-paced than its counterpart. In recent years, this game has become one of the most popular sports among the youth in both national and international contexts. After much anticipation, Notre Dame Outward Bound Adventure Club adds back “Futsal” to the 5th season of the National Adventure Festival. So footy lovers, what are you waiting for? Unleash your techniques and creativity where it matters the most.

Event type: Instituiton Based
Participating Group:
  • Boys from class 8 to 12 (If the institution has a college section they will be considered as one team)
[ N.B : Students of Notre Dame College aren’t eligible to participate. ]
Tournament Format
  • 6 A-Side Match
  • 12 Teams.
  • Group Stage (4 Groups consisting of 3 teams in each group)
  • Quarter Final (Top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the semis)
  • Semi Final
  • Final
Note: Since the number of teams is limited, the authority will select the teams through registration.
Team Structure
Match Duration
  • Group stage- 08 + 08 (16 mins each half)
  • Quarter Final: 10+10 (20 mins each half)
  • Semi Final: 12+12 (24 mins each half)
  • Final: 15+15 (30 mins each half)

  • There will be no additional time.
Rules and Regulations:
  • Rolling substitution is allowed.
  • No offside rules will be applied.
  • Barefoot is not allowed. Both Boots and Turfs are allowed
  • If any 2 teams’ points end up in a tie to qualify for the semis the GOAL DIFFERENCE between the teams will be the foremost priority. And if their points still end up in a tie then HEAD TO HEAD RESULT will be counted. If their Head to Head game was a tie, an instant tie-breaker penalty will take place. (3 shootouts each team)
  • After 3 penalties the tie-breaker will go to sudden death
  • Player(s) shown RED cards [in different matches] will be suspended for ongoing and the next match as well.
  • Both the teams will get different colored aprons so that they can be distinguished during the match
  • A player cannot play in more than one team.
  • Teams must report 15 minutes before each match.
  • There will be a BFF (Bangladesh Football Federation), certified official referee, to conduct the game and on the pitch, referee call will be considered as the final decision.
  • No misconduct, slagging, sledding or bad behavior will be tolerated.
  • If the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Final match result ends up in a tie the game will go to the penalty shootouts directly.
  • Besides these, all the basic FIFA rules will be followed throughout the event.
  • Aprons will be provided to one of the two playing teams.
Prize Pool:
  • Winners will get a prize money of 4000 BDT, Grand Trophy, Medals and Certificates of Excellence.
  • Runners up will get a prize money of 2000 BDT, Grand Trophy, Medals and Certificates of Excellence.
  • There will be individual awards.
  • Certificate of Participation for all the participants.

The authority can change the format and rules if necessary. Breaking any of the above stated rules could result in your disqualification on the spot.